Newsflash: I Am Awkward (the photoshoot)

When we visited San Diego last month I had a mini-agenda to get my amazing friend Annie to take "cool" photos of me for blog use. I've been all kinds of reading Cool Mom blogs lately and wanted to prove (to myself I think) that I am as young and hip and fun as anyone else on this planet. Unfortunately, I'm kind of none of those things. I'm turning 33 in May, ladies and gentlemen! My skin is tired of regenerating. And I think I finally need to give in and get the braces for my snaggle teeth that I've wanted my whole life. My other charms (youthful skin, bright eyes, keen wit, quick with a knife) are fading fast. Better fix the teeth me thinks!

Anyways, if anyone could make me seem hip and fun it would be Annie. She is a tall, beautiful glass of water, and the coolest artist/mom I know. She used to work at Anthropologie head offices and she even designed the packaging for their signature perfumes! Check it -->

I don't always usually love me. But I felt like I would share these anyway. Because in a way this IS me. And when I let loose and look silly (see below) I usually always worry about it later. "Am I an asshole?" "Everyone secretly hates me." "Why didn't I put on more eye makeup?" and on and on and on. 

Still, this was a fun afternoon photoshoot to be a part of. Wine was involved. Trader Joe's followed. 
I connect with this one because I KNOW this face. This is the face I make when I look at myself in the mirror.

Do you think I look hip or young or fun? I think the problem is we all want to look like movie stars. I personally want to look like Rachel Bilson or a Free People model. I wonder at what point in my future will I look back on these and think, "wow, I was so young, so fresh!" Will I ever think I was pretty? Gah. Who knows.

Ack! This post got all emo. Sorry! I'm contemplating rewriting a little. Hmmmm. No, I won't.

Things I am looking forward to this week...
1. Homemade pad thai for dinner tonight
2.  A one-day workweek!
3. Time with my boys
4. Lunch with my sister-in-law and nephew (hopefully mother-in-law too)
5. Sleeping in at least one day
6. Sewing up my quilted bath mat
7. Spring cleaning
8. Wine Wednesday!
9. A possible day trip with Rob and Ot
10. Catching up on Gossip Girl season 4 (i'm soooo behind)



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