Just a Perfect Day. I'm Glad I Spent It With You, Otto...

yesterday was such a perfect day

Tuesdays are my "Otto Days" I take the day off from work and we just do... whatever.

Our day started off with a quick grocery errand to Whole Foods. Any time I get to shop there I have a perma-smile for at least an hour afterward. Food Porn!

Ot suprised the crud out of me by declaring he needed to use the potty while we were there.

So awesome.

We really aren't pushing the toilet learning but we are going the positive reinforcement route... So you know we celebrated that potty victory with a cookie from the bakery!

We ran into a little old nun in the ladies bathroom and she congratulated Otto with a high five. I thought that was cool.

The rest of the day (outside of Ot's nap) we spent in our backyard. We filled up the kiddie pool, laid out a blanket, and played.

Rob joined us for picnic lunch. Amazing chiabatta sandwiches thanks to Whole Foods' bakery. Fresh organic fruit salad, mmmm.

Then Otto napped and so did I.

Then repeat playing in the pool in the yard til dinner time.

Perfect. Day.

Oh wait! (I didn't really forget). During Otto's nap I made butterscotch pudding parfaits. Chilled them. Then we had them for dessert after dinner.

I love Tuesdays.

Tomorrow Rob leaves for a three day recon trip to Oregon. A state that may, very soon, be our new home. He has narrowed it down to two schools at this point and we'll know for sure by April 15.

I can't wait to know so I can plan! We're definitely moving. Not knowing where is making me a basket case of frustration. Grrrr. But April 15 is soon. Yay for soon-ness!

I hope everyone else has had at least one perfect day so far this week. Or at least one good glass of wine. Or is planning good things for the weekend? Are you?

I don't think I'll sleep well while Rob's away. So I'm looking forward to his return already. Also because I'll miss him. And otherwise looking forward to a nice playdate Saturday morning with some cool mamas.


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