Vintage Daddy Part 2 - The Parade Ensemble (aka The Purim Creep)

About a week ago I did my first Vintage Daddy post (part 1 in this 2 part series it seems) where Otto was rocking some adorable 80's polo tees. I mentioned that Ot also inherited a Coach's uniform from Rob's childhood closet. I did NOT mention that I failed to notice when the window of this outfit fitting Ot was passing us by (that would have been around Thanksgiving I think).

Anyways, last Friday Ot's preschool was having a parade in honor of the Jewish holiday of Purim. All of the kiddos were invited to dress in costume and they did a procession through the school wearing paper crowns and holding paper-roll-shakers covered in glitter.

It was the cutest thing I have ever, ever, ever seen in my life.

I thought, "Costume? Duh! The Coach's uniform!" When the day arrived, we realized, "ooh, this outfit is a lil snug." But by that time we didn't have any other options. So like reallllly good parents we poured our child into this polyester ode-to-baseball, smudged eyeliner on his rosy cheeks, and then let him choose his own socks and shoes.

I give you, the Purim Creep...

He is the cutest creep ever, right? Also note classy penguin tattoo on the ankle. We are nothing if not dedicated to creep-authenticity.

For reals though, Ot loved dressing up. He was like 24 hour smiles the whole time he was wearing this (ahem) outfit. 

My sweet little Purim parade man! I regret nothing!


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