Vintage Daddy

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When Ot was about 6 months old Rob's mom gave us a couple of polo-Ts, a baby blue tuxedo, and a Coach's uniform from Rob's childhood. I was so excited to realize recently that the polo-Ts now fit! We dressed Otto in vintage Daddy gear this past week...

I just love these soft little polos. They remind me of Elliot from E.T. ♥ (still brings a tear to my eye after all these years) or Sebastian from Never Ending Story (best kids movie ever). And I can just picture "little Rob" running around in them 30ish years ago getting into mischief, watching He-Man, drinking Squeeze-Its, and riding a Hot Wheels in the driveway. Oh boy. Memories!

Otto is such a little Rob sometimes in both the way he looks/acts and in character (so silly, naturally musical, artistic, soooo logical and methodical) and it always brings a huge smile to my face to see the similarities between wee man and regular-size man. At 2 years, 2 months Ot is a card carrying KID. Hardly even a toddler anymore. A kid! Wow. Crap. Scary.

When did this happen? Why is he so bossy!? Haha, I really don't mind, but for reals, Captain Bossy Magoo.

I love it and it makes me want to cry all at the same time. Where does the time fly? It flies so fast! Sigh.

We took our little KID to the Tucson Festival of Books last weekend. Such fun! All towns should have an annual book festival. What a great thing to celebrate. Plus... carni food! Here is Ot noshing down (80s polo style) on some homemade lemon gelato.

Not pictured: me stuffing my face with roasted corn on the cob. I'm hoping to recreate that COTC this afternoon after Ot's nap. Gonna fire up the bbq, grill some tofurkey kielbasas & corn, and splash around in the kiddy pool a little since it's almost 90 out today (gah, ugh, oof, Tucson, gaaaaah).

Did a mention oof, ugh, gah, Tucson is hottttt. Ugh, gaaaaah.

I hope everyone is having milder fair weather this week. Enjoying your families. Opening your windows! Drinking green beer? Anyone? I have an organic strawberry ale I'm gonna crack later that I'm pretty excited about. *Pretending it's green*


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