Bruce Willis Dance Party!

Alright guys, file this one under nonsense because I'm just going for it. Bare with me please and the payoff is an awesome? awesome! music video at the bottom that makes all the jibber-jabber worthwhile. I give you my word.

So, in an unexpected but pretty exciting turn of events, I was interviewed by the Tucson Weekly for its 9 Questions segment. That is a link to the interview which ran today!

One of the questions they asked was "What was the first album you owned?" and mine is a doozy. It was a Bruce Willis covers album, doing songs like Secret Agent Man and Under the Boardwalk.

I just happened to dig up this survey I took as a seven-year-old girl which helps explain my frame of mind and awesome music taste way back when -->

Bruce oozes cool. Also, I think he's hot. Still! Disagree? I'll punch yo face!

But I don't wanna put you through the misery of watching a 5 minutes long video from the 80s of Bruce crooning Respect Yourself. Google that on your own time. Instead I wanted to share one of my favorite "ode to Bruce" songs that I discovered a few years ago when we were hosting a Die-Hard-Orama party in honor of Die Hard 4's release. It was a *Come as John McClane* themed all-day-affair and I think I lost all the pics when I deleted my Myspace account 100 years ago :( Which sucks because that was a room full of fully loaded John McClanes. It was kind of amazing.

Don't say I didn't warn you. Or did you love it? I kind of love it.


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