The Regal Beagle

My dog ruined my blog post. I'd trade her in for a box of stale peeps but for reals, look at this pathetic face...

If you listen closely you can hear her saying, "I got bit by some ants. Mmmm hmmmm. French fried taters." (that's right, she speaks in a Slingblade voice, whatever).

We were out of town this weekend and about five minutes after we got home smarty pants there decides to go have a dance party on an anthill. The rest of us were inside Ot's room playing "I Can Do That" when we look outside and see Georgia flailing around outside the window.

My dog is a hot mess on a good day. Mmmmm hmmmm. French fried meat head.

Rob and I knew just what to do. So we did it. We freaked the crap out of her. Wrapped her paws in frozen pea bags. Gave her an anti-inflammatory that's for her hips. Slathered baking soda paste on her legs. And locked her in a baby gate in the kitchen for a few hours "for observation". 

I'm sure that was how long it took for the ant bites to subside on their own. But in the mean time we were dedicated to our job of freaking the dog out and expending a LOT of energy maintaining our panic. So all the fun blog post ideas I had about a Twitter meet up at the Phoenix zoo on Saturday and my best friend's little boy's birthday party at a train park today... yeah those ideas are being postponed.

Right now it's time for this mama to call it a night. 

Mmmmm hmmmmm.

ps. She's fine now. Or at least too scared of another baking soda bath to act like she isn't. Oh, question! Does anyone know of a really good non-chemical way to beat ants? The hubs is threatening to do a spray and I am four score against it. Please tell me your secrets!


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