a little afternoon project

I meant to post this last night but we were out rocking & rolling with Elmo and Super Grover til way past Otto's bedtime. By the time we got home at 9pm my little child was a puddle of overwhelmed (yet happy) goo. So were his parents. We zonked.

Earlier in the day we did a little project to keep Ot occupied while he impatiently waited for 5pm when we could leave for dinner & muppets. Here is proof that $1 (or one awesome baby penpal who sends your kid cool stuff) can equal a seriously fun afternoon project. Here is also proof that hoarders who save their kiddo's baby food jars have reason to do so - projects! Husbands who call said hoarders "creepy hoarder weirdos", please take note.

Ok, he's obviously got Elmo-on-the-brain. Anticipation = distraction. But for reals, this was a super fun project. Ot would watch each capsule as we poured the water in one by one. Each time I'd say, "what do you think this one will be?" and he would say, "a really big duck!"

every. time. ha.

What fun! Have I mentioned that Tuesdays (my day with Otto each week) are my favorite days? They are my favorite favorite days. Now we just need a project to do with our spongey farm friends. Ideas?

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