Chick Chick Beanbags {A Craft} Ot's Easter Basket

Three little bi-irds. On my doorstep...

Singing a sweet song...

This was my craft project for Ot's easter basket. Bean bag chickens!

Made with big ole beans...

They turned out super cute. Wait, I mean, "don't you think they turned out cute?" I did the pattern myself, super simple cuz I'm no artist, but it worked out just right. Hey, they look like chickens. I'm calling it a win!

Otto's easter basket this year will be humble, but oh so sweet. Three vintage Babar books and a gazillion rubber stamps from Bookman's. Chick chick beanbags. And Portuguese banana cookies from Cost Plus. I love Cost Plus.

Basket cuteness...

So that is our little sweet little easter basket. Yay!

In other exciting (exciting?) events, I went to Buffalo Exchange last night to find an Easter dress (and I did) but I also found this dress and really wanted to share a pic of my most excellent thrift adventure. It's not the best pic ever but I found this mint Laundry by Shelli Segal summer moomoo for $30. $30! These things retail for like $250! So excited. Can't wait to wear it this summer...

It has pockets.

Sooooo.... that's all I got! Easter is going to be hectic. as per usual we'll be trekking on up to Phoenix so we can be with our families that day ♥

Very excited to meet the newest member of our family. Harley - a golden retriever puppy that Ot's Nana just welcomed home Friday morning.

Otto gets to do an easter egg hunt at my aunt's house and that is going to be super fun! He's old enough this year to give the bigger kids a run for their money. My little man is whipsmart! He'll be an easter egg hounddog I'm sure of it!

Also on the agenda: making easter bark. It's gonna be mind blowing. If it turns out I'll post the recipe because dudes.

So happy weekend to you guys! If you're celebrating easter or passover this weekend I sincerely hope you enjoy your holidays! Anyone planning anything fun like a picnic or an egg hunt? I can't wait to see everyone's pics on facebook, blogs, etc.!


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