Framing the Family Pics, Booya!!!

So some of you may recall that roundabout the first of December my lil nuclear fam had our first family photo shoot. I still "go all mom" (meaning doe eyed and slack jawed with wonderment) looking at these amazing pics of my beautiful boys by the fabulous --and by the way, super fun-- Tucson family photographer Michelle of Wondertime Photography -->

I love every. single. picture. she took! But that one in the middle of chubbers Otto in the doorway is kind of making my heart go pitter pat tonight because that was just 4 months ago and he still looks like a baby. But today? Today he is looking so lanky and like a toddler (or even a boy!). Boo. Well happy boo, but still.

So the exciting news is that after months of fruitlessly search thrift stores and antique malls trying to come up with some sort of framing install that would do these photos justice I finally found what I was looking for!

Sidenote: AND this purchase fit into my Nothing New challenge which was pretty important to me. I am, after all, a woman of high morals. So check this collection of upcycled, gorgeous frames I ordered to get me started framing our pics...

This is from Etsy shop The Art of Chic and they do amazing things with bold, bright colors and upcycling! I won't beat around the bush. I love them.

Here is something exciting! I mentioned when I ordered that I have this site and The Art of Chic may be offering you guys an exclusive discount code soon! Stay tuned!

And stay tuned for pics of my family photos all framed, right and proper, and even (gasp) hung on a wall! With nails, evuhn (that was supposed to be said in a Snagglepuss voice).

I can't wait!

Anyone else out there a bigger procrastinator than this mama? Over 4 months to frame the pics? I kind of seriously doubt it. Procrastinators Unite!


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