Flashback, Whoa Whoa Whoa

I've been slowly starting to go through everything as we get ready to pack up our house in a few months and relocate to ::drumroll:: Oregon! Yep, it's official, Go Ducks! Anyways, I came across some random treasures the other day that brought me back, wayyyy back, to some special times in my life. Thought I'd share...

- Unopened package of New Kids on the Block (or "NKOTB" as we true fans called them) trading cards with (moldy?) gum still inside, oh Jordan!
- Ticket stub from 1995 Pearl Jam concert, oh Eddie!
- High school tassle
- T-shirt my hubs made me when we were probably 21 and super hardcore vegans. Guess what size I wore? A boys 14-16! Holy moly.

And then...

- My first earrings from my 6th year (after I took the studs out). I still love these, how sweet.
- My lip ring from my 19th year. Whoa whoa whoa.
- Pendant from a family photo shoot when I was 2 years old (Ot's age now)
- Kid A pin. Heck yeah!
- Oh, and the plate! My first nice plate. Rob got me this set of 4 plates from Crate & Barrel on our 7th (??) wedding anniversary. We're now rocking 13 years, again whoa whoa whoa.

It's like Back to the Future, Lindsey style. These items mean so much to me. I look forward to carefully tucking them away and moving them onto the next place ♥

Also looking forward to a busy but fun weekend. A bridal shower! Getting to see both sets of Ot's grandparents and my SIL and sweet nephew! And a birthday brunch for Rob's grandpa. I may have to look semi-decent for this stuff. Maybe will do another "stepping out saturday" as well?

What's everyone up to this weekend? I feel like it's the perfect time of year to make corn on the BBQ. I hope someone out there is doing this.


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