Vintage Daddy Part 3 - The Easter Leisure Suit

the final installment of the Vintage Daddy posts because Ot's now worn all of the clothes we inherited from rob's childhood closet. Part 1 was the super cute eighties polo tees. Part 2 was that unfortunately tight coach's uniform we poured him into for his preschool parade. Part 3 kind of takes the cake... the cuteness cake...

Ot's wearing a vintage 80's captain's leisure suit that he inherited from his old man. white button up (Gap). and brown tweed sneaks (Converse).

He welcomes you to The Love Boat. Totally, right?

Well, actually, looking at that glum mug. He's more like, "Whatever, you're on The Love Boat, meh." 

We could barely coax a smile out of him because he won't smile for pictures these days! Gah! Do your kids do this? I can't stand it. It's like smiling, gleefully smiling ::camera comes out:: frowning, crabbily frowning.

Well not all frowning...

Courtesy smile! But still, some frowning...

I'm wearing dress (lucca couture resale/thrifted). tights (Target). amazon heels (Jessica Simpson).

I picked this dress out because it reminds me of 16 Candles and just felt like a fun, perfect easter dress to go along with Otto's 80s look.

The rest of our day was a whirlwind of food (yo Easter Bark, yo!), family, and puppy love...

and now I am tired. and Ot crashed on the drive home from Phoenix in that dead-to-the-world way that little kids do.

and i hope you all had really happy weekends, doing easter stuff or passover stuff or earth day stuff. so many occassions this weekend! rob and I were talking about how next easter (when we're living up in Oregon) we might take Otto to the beach for a picnic, egg hunt, mellow kind of easter. I know a few of you did beach days today. I love that idea so much but it also makes me realize how much I'm going to miss being relatively near to family for all of these days. bittersweet.


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