Fooooooood. How Velly Velly Pinteresting!

Today I'm joining some lovely lovelies in having a Pinterest themed day. Fooooooood...

source: Another Lunch via Pinterest
Actually "Fooooooood." is the name of my Pinterest album dedicated to, you guessed it, recipes and foods I want to put in my pie hole. The above lunch is probably the best thing I ever pinned. How cute is that? I mean, come on!

Someday I will be this kind of mom.

For reals.

Anyways... In my life right now I have two food challenges I'm dealing with and I thought I'd use Pinterest to help me gather ideas on how to tackle the challenges. The first one: I'm hosting a gluten-free vegan baby shower next weekend. I'm actually excited about this one because I love vegan cooking anyway and have been playing around with gluten free recipes here and there. So look what I came up with. Look! Muffin Triple Threat!
Strawberry rhubarb.
Brown sugar blueberry.
And pretty peach.

All of those recipes/images were originally from the Gluten Free Goddess blog. It's awesome & she takes such amazing pics! I'm using Pinterest to bookmark them so i have easy access next Saturday when it's time to tie the apron on and start bakin ♥

My second food challenge is more of a personal journey (like a casual journey) that I've been on lately. I've been trying to eat 100% raw (and peeps) up until dinnertime on the weekdays. I'm doing this because I work from home and it's super easy to spend the entire day snacking on garbage. I'm trying to get healthier this spring and this is my strategy.

I've been happy to munch on fruits and carrots and salads and expensive raw bars from Whole Foods but it IS getting a little boring already. So I went recipe hunting and found some fun, easy ideas that don't require special machinery or a dehydrator. Look. Holy crap. Yum!
Source: Gone Raw via Pinterest.
All of these recipes sound easy and look so good! That's the thing. If I have fresh fruit and healthy foods around I will eat them. But it's so easy to fall into the pizza and pasta cycle. Hopefully having a few more recipes up my sleeve will help me steer clear of that dirty, p-and-p cycle!

Want more food eye candy? Don't miss out on other Pinterest posts today by Domesticated Delight, >Life on the Mom List, >Mama Heada and >Eisley Rae.

So who's dying over the duck bento? Dead right? Also, if any of you have amazing raw and/or gluten-free vegan recipes that you'd like to share with me I'd seriously love it. And who's on Pinterest? Are you freaking cracked out addicted yet or what? I'm tryyyyying not to be - so I pretty much avoid it at all costs. Until I don't. Then it's like HOURS. But it's awesome, right? If anyone needs an invite lemme know. I have some.


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