The Pacifier Fairy - Otto's Getting Served!

Turns out that the best age to kick your kiddo's pacifier habit is before they're two. I read this today. Crap. Ot turned two a few months ago. Plus he's a stubborn ass lil dude. Crap crap crap.

Sooo... Spoke with the hubs. Came up with a plan. Ot's gettin served -->

We're dealing with this in a very official fashion. Not making a huge deal out of it, but just, "look what came in the mail. oh, ok, it's time to turn in your paccies."

We'll replace them with something cool. My job tomorrow while I've got Mr. Ot for the day is to find something worthy of being the replacement. Hmmm. I'm hoping our local kids consignment paradise Lil Traders has something ample.

Who's done this before? Results? Tips! I'm hoping this goes over quick like tearing off a bandaid. Too much wishful thinking?

Wish me luck! Send me wine!


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