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My best friend's little boy is 3! (I'm gonna hit ya with a recurring theme around here and say for like the zillionth time "where DOES the time go???). It truly seems like just yesterday that Mr. Elliot, at that time known as my squishy little chicken-monkey, was a newborn bundle of sweet-smelling snuggles. I was just barely pregnant with Mr. Otto back then, looking forward to my own little snuggle ball. Three short short short years ago Elliot was brand new. Now he can ride a half pipe at the BMX park with no training wheels (seriously this kid's a phenom).

But did I mention how small and snuggly and cuddly he was? And the sweet smell?

Wooshy goo goo.


Baby fever anyone? Moving on...

We had so much fun at Elliot's birthday party at the Scottsdale Railroad Park this past weekend. Seriously Arizona peeps, if you haven't been, this place is a win! Bonus: lots of shade. Bring a pic-a-nic basket and like $20 for train and merry-go-round rides and you're set for the day.

Buddies ♥ This party was the first time Elliot and Otto have played *together* running around, laughing with each other, showing each other things, playing Red Rover, really interracting like kids. Saying, "cheeeeeese!" into each other's darling little eyes...

Melts my heart to see one of my favorite people (Megan) reflected in that little boy. And to see our children playing together, like US in so many ways, and yet their own amazing selves. Fuggedaboudit. I'm a puddle of goo.

Goo mama signing off,

Update! It's my blog I can update minutes later if I want to. Here is a pic of us all on a train. Call it the Multi-Generational Friendship Train (if you wanna, or don't, but I am).

I drew friendship handcuffs on all of us because I am really good at using Paint. Anyone else mind blown seeing their kids become friends with their friends' kids? It's so awesome and trippy, right? That was rhetorical, of course it is. :)

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