ebeanstalk.com {Review}

i had a lot of funny looking around ebeanstalk.com for toys for 2 year olds (like that sweet child o mine) for this post. And found so many fun things I'd never seen before. I want to bring home...

that girly organic pink doll is serious cuteness. (And I thought I'd seen every organic toy on the market!)

they categorize their toys by age and gender which made it easy peasy to find toys that would be right up Otto's alley. Both toys for 2 year old boys and toys for 2 year old girls. Ok, i went cross-gender shopping while browsing around. I like Ot to have every color (including pink & yellow, gasp!) represented in his toy box and some baby dolls too.

and you know there is always drooling over classic kids books...

 I've never seen/read "The Carrot Seed" have you guys? It looks so cute.

Much appreciation that the toys featured at this shoppe are all focused on education and learning. And they have a huge variety. (top selling toys for 2 year olds)

My opinions are always my own peeps! In exchange for this honest review I will be receiving a gift card. Yay! I'm thinking it'll go towards adding "The Carrot Seed" to Ot's library.

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