My Lil Sickie (boo)

Ugh, you guys, Otto is sick! He came home from school yesterday with a runny nose, just a lil warm (and a lot crabbypants) but by bedtime it was pretty clear we had a sickwad on our hands. And when I say "we" I mean me and my dog, because Rob's still in Oregon until late tonight. Playing single mama with a sick little bear is a huge bummer.

Hey, I made soup today...

And I took Ot to Target super early this morning to get sickie supplies (and a couple of Lindt candybars for mommy cause you know I wants the wine right now but with Rob away chocolate therapy will have to do).

A few of you know I'm doing this "Nothing New" thing this year. But with a sad, sick little man in tow at Target I felt like I needed to get him a little pick-me-up. I've been cheating on the Nothing New (in my mind at least) by hoarding gift cards (like the $5 Target gift cards that you get when you buy like 5,000 bottles of the same shampoo) so that if/when I am tempted to cheat (like I realllly want some new bobby pins like stat) I won't technically be cheating with real money. Whatever, it's my challenge, I can tweak the rules. Anyways, so I gave a $5 Target card to Ot and we headed to the activity/craft section to find a lowkey/mellow "sick day" kinda pick me up. 

You know your sweet little wild thing really isn't feeling too good when 2 minutes after starting his giant Toy Story 3 coloring pages, at 10am, he tells you he needs a nap. *sad face*

Oh, and remember last Saturday when I got all gussied up for a brunch date? Well this Saturday is like the opposite of that. I present to you "Not Steppin Out" Saturday, aka "Who Am I Trying to Impress at Target Anyway?"

In related news, I selfishly enjoyed that Ot wanted to sleep in my bed every other hour last night. Even though it meant waking up every hour to switch him from bed to crib. I miss co-sleeping a LOT and having him near me through the night brought back memories of his first nine months. My goodness, he is growing up so fast. 

So now I'm looking forward to a pretty chill rest of the day. Lots of book reading, snuggling, coloring, and maybe even letting him watch a video before bed.

Hope you all are having more exciting, less germ-ridden weekends than we are over here.


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