I Love Boxed Wine. But Today I Got a Stinky...

Can a child fit all of their terrible twos into one day? I seriously hope so because if this whine box comes traipsing around these parts again tomorrow I'm gonna be seriously tempted to trade him in for a box of chillable red or one of those hip little Target wine cubes.

Facts about boxed wine...

1. Boxed wine doesn't whine
2. Boxed wine doesn't ask its dad to make french toast for breakfast and then refuse to try even a single, nommy bite
3. Boxed wine is delicious
4. Boxed wine doesn't throw rocks at babies, twice
5. Boxed wine doesn't snuggle and sing songs at bedtime

Ok, so that's Boxed Wine: 4, Whine Box: 1

Boxed Wine for the win!

Also, is it just me or has this been the longest. week. ever? Ever? EVER!? Could the weekend just get here already? Puhleeeeeez? I'm taking Otto on a tweet-up playdate at the zoo on Saturday (excited, scared, my first tweet up, yay!) and then to my best friend's little boy's 3rd birthday party on Sunday (loved ones, cupcakes, again yay!). What's everone up to? Anyone chilling out with a whine box this weekend? If so, you're probably in good company (because I'm good company, duh).


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