A Stip, A Stop, A Stip Stop Steppy to the Steppedy Stepped Out!

It's true, dawgz. I totally showered and got dressed yesterday. And contrary to the pics, I totally brushed my hair too. A family friend is getting married and we were invited to binge on toasted coconut 'n lime cupcakes at her sweet little bridal shower. Here's what we wore...

I'm wearing... cardigan (thrifted), tank (Old Navy), skirt (thrifted from Buffalo Exchange*), shoes (DSW)

*Does Buffalo Exchange count as thrifting? This skirt (which I DIE FOR) still had a $380 price tag on it (it's from Italy and it's hard to see but it's hand embroidered top-to-bottom with hand-sewn rock beading along the high waistline). But I bought it "used" for $40. Is that thrifting? Whatever, who cares. Anyways...

Here's Ottobot with his Nana (Rob's mom) testing the heat of the jacuzzi. Gah! Cuteness!

Ot's wearing... tshirt (Polarn O. Pyret), cords (Janie & Jack), mandles (Dexter, thrifted), and John Deere socks cuz you know by now that Ot rocks his mandles sock style! Every. Day.

More fun -->

World's cutest cuzballs! My little nephew is going on 10 months and totally creeping the furniture and walking with just a lil assistance. He'll be vertical all on his own any minute.

Time, seriously dude. You fly too fast.

Also, legs, seriously dudes. You are too white.

If Ot looks a little wild eyed it's because he was mainlining sugar the whole time, running on not enough sleep the night before, skipping his nap, and running his poor Nana ragged the whole 3 hours of the shower.

So that glazed look in his eyes is actually Toddler Icing which is made from chubby little sugar-crusted fingers being rubbed into watery, tired toddler eyes.

Awwww, yeah, boyee! (see I'm continuing the hip-hop theme for no reason again). And that, my friends, is how we stip, a stop, a stip stop steppy to the steppedy stepped out yesterday!

What's everyone else up to this weekend? We seem to be spending every weekend in April up here in Phoenix so I'm off now to go pack our duffel while Ot & his gparents are at church. We head home again this afternoon after a breakfast brunch for Ot's great-grandpa. Hopefully will be returning home to Rob having done our taxes (the excitement never ends around here). Hope you all had funky-ass hip-hop weekends too, with exciting things like cupcakes and taxes!


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