Inspiration, Embroidery

Embroidery is my LIFE! Well, no.... But I do know how to cross a mean stitch and I've found myself in some kind of embroidery orbit of late, or I'm an embroidery magnet or something, that's got me all inspired (yes, colored floss dancing in my head) so I thought I'd share here...

First, my neighbors (parents to a sweet little sugar munchkin who just turned one) found this giant ABCs embroidery sampler, matted and kinda framed for $2 ($2!) at the swap meet. Can you believe? Is cool, no?

I just love it. Even if the lazy embroiderer did try to hide X down in the corner. Like we wouldn't notice.

Then, because Ot has had cooties the past few days and ended up sleeping in my bed a lot (which I love love loved BUT) I wasn't able to host a one-man Gossip Girl marathon in bed (as I'd excitedly planned) so instead, all inspired by the above sampler like I was, I quietly stitched while he slept and made this lil name label -->

When I showed it to him he hugged it and said, "I love it."

Awwww! Then he tried to get me to stick it to his lego box. I politely declined. Still need to figure out where this is going but it turned out way sweet.

Finally, I am freaking out on Pinterest lately looking up decor ideas for our new home! Even though I still have no idea if we're moving into a sweet little house in Eugene or a whatever-we-can-afford in Seattle. But seriously, I AM doing this in the new place...

There are hundreds of pics of installations like these on Pinterest but I love this wall the most of all I've seen. It's from the Wise Craft blog which is all kinds of crafty amazingness. You just use embroidery hoops as frames of wonderful, different fabrics you find. Genius.

I also love this idea from Country Home magazine for either the craft area or maybe the kitchen?

What do you think? Inspired to get out your messy bag of DMC floss and start stitchin? I totally still have the bug! The embroidery bug, that is, not cooties.



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