and that's a pretty. nice. hair. cut.

i had the WORST experience with a hairdresser of my entire 33 years of life yesterday. it was kind of unreal. let me set the stage... there were no customers in the salon and she was texting when i got there. so i signed in and she kept texting for like 10 minutes, then went to the sign-in sheet and like read my name and looked sort of "out to the crowd" even though i was the only one in there! haha? so i said, "yep. that is me!" because duh.

ok, i kind of looked homeless yesterday. this was a last-minute haircut on the way to yoga because i found some "heavy bangs" pictures i liked on pinterest earlier in the day. so i'd come wearing faded, threadbare exercise clothes, no makeup, probably smelly, hair all to hell, and armed with *fabulous* pictures of what i wanted to look like. here is an illustration of the scene -->

then she like didn't say hi, wouldn't smile, and kept asking me all these point blank questions where i could tell she could care less, and also i HATE chitchatting with people who suck.

::yawn:: so are you married?
::yawn:: so do you have kids?
::yawn:: what's your job?
::yawn:: how much money do you make?

no joke! she asked me that! i was like "am i tripping on perm fumes?"

anyways, i was in a hurry and determined to get the heavy bangs of my "Taylor Momsen and some Vogue model" pinterest dreams. so i took a leap of faith and let this asshat cut my hair. was it worth it? here's my new haircut, 3" shorter and banged out like a son of a gun!

 yay! bangs! also, here is a picture of how i'll prob be wearing it most days because it always seems to end up in a "blogger bun" these days -->

neato bangs, yes? i am excited! how often do you think i'll have to have these trimmed? i have no agenda to end up looking like Cat Power. but i'm definitely not going back to that place again. no way!

ps. in mommying news, i totally broke with my Nothing New resolution and got Otto a KidKraft firetruck toddler bed. i couldn't resist! it arrived this afternoon and Rob built it tonight. Otto was off the wall with joy! and took to it like a lifelong bed-sleeper. he's totally asleep on it now, dreaming of being a fireman. awwwww, sniff, sniff. he really is growing up so fast.

ok, everyone tell me you like my bangs!


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