you make me happy when skies are grey

i've been a serious soul lately what with worries about our move and just me being worry-wart-me about life. sometimes i feel like a cartoon character with a little grey cloud hovering over my head all the time, pooping on me (or raining or pooping rain or whatever). i am a poop cloud magnet! glum. well, yesterday on twitter i mentioned that i was singing "you are my sunshine" to Ot and that it always makes me weepy. i was suprised how many people replied that the song "destroys them" too. it just speaks so purely to love and to telling the person who matters so much to you just how much you love them. this is not a glum thing, it's a joy thing. my grandma used to sing that song to me when i was a little girl and it made me feel so happy and loved... and singing it always brings me right back to those moments from my childhood. i miss my grandma and i love Otto so much and so i just lose it, the tears are unstoppable. but at the same time it means a lot to me that i sing that song to Otto and that he has those memories, like the ones i have, of having that song sung to you in sweetness, love, and sincerity.

so this is my sunshine post! i've been browsing etsy lately looking for ideas for decorating our new place (whenever we finally get one). i am gravitating towards bright, sunshiney decor that would inspire me to be happy even when skies are grey in oregon (which i hear happens sometimes *wink*).

for the kitchen
wall hanging (the merriweather council), potholders (MamasBabyLove), organic helichrysum flowers for tea (twig & leaf botanicals), happiest mug ever (rising sky pottery), upcycled bundt cake pan flower basket (boots n gus)

for the bath
stepstool (circle creek home), cactus pot (virginia wyoming), washcloth holder (cricket capers), mermaid towel hook (TheDoorStop), wall hanging (KathyPanton)

for the family room
side table (poppyseed living), candle sconces (RetroPops), doily (roni's boutique), throw pillow (moose & bird), tube radio (leaning cedars vintage)

ok, that should do it! what do you think? hello sunshine? for reals though --> somebody buy me that sidetable!

ps. TGIF errbody! hope you're all having sunshiney days. no poop clouds! and that you have fun-filled weekends ahead of you too. We. Do! some of our oldest, dearest friends are coming to town to visit. Ot has been counting down the days all week, as have i. yay friends!


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