Mama Steez {stepped out, yo}

rob and i actually went on a (double) date saturday night! this is unheard of! *loud train sound*! we went with my gorg sister-in-law, Kari, and brother-inin-lawlaw (what is the term for this person? it's Kari's hubs). whatever. he's cool too. look, i taught her the blogger pose!
she is a natural little pigeon toed, hands on hips, up-to-the-side looker!
i promise we weren't drunk... but we are huge dorks. i love this girl!
we saw Super8 and it was SuperGreat. from me to you --> see this movie, it's all-around good stuff.
i'm wearing: top (thrifted from Buffalo Exchange), cords (Banana Republic), and heels (Jessica Simpson).
ps. after seeing these pics, although i seriously love them, i think i'm determined to get a "real" "non-phone" camera. i read enough blogs to know my pic quality stinks. sorry. i used a neat filter so they'd still look stylish even though it's like Blurry City, USA.

in other Father's Day Weekend news. we spent the weekend up in Phoenix enjoying our family as we start our 3 weeks countdown to moving to Oregon. here are just a few little snippets of the fun. i was too busy enjoying the fun to remember to take many pics #momfail... but not really. i mean, i was busy momming!
we stopped by Del Taco for din on the way to Phoenix. i won't defend the healthiness of this dinner, but i will say that they have, hands down, the WORST kids toys of ALL TIME. not that Ot was disappointed, but i mean come ON. come ON!
my nephew turned One Years Old! omg omg omg omg omg.
ps. he does not have a little gold earring. haha! but he does have a super awesome fun-fetti extreme, half chocolate half vanilla frosting pirate cake. yum. i was the saint-like martyr who selflessly tested both sides of the cake to make sure it wasn't poisoned or less delicious on one side vs. the other. that's right, it's always give, give, give from Aunt Lindsey. i don't know what they'll do without me.
Ot's Nana painted his toes ♥
 he loved it ♥

we feted the Papas on saturday and sunday. ate way too much. laughed, played, swam, and took far too few naps (especially those of us with chubby thighs and painted toenails... wait. and i don't mean me!). seriously though, all-in-all, it was wonderful.

i hope you all had great weekends too!


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