packing couture, let's move our bodies! and giveaway winners.

packing couture
instead of "steppin out" this saturday i pretty much "stepped in" as we are midway through pack, pack, packing our house. definitely not the cutest outfit that ever happened, but i'll call it packing couture. this is what i wore...
 i wore: tee (thrifted from Buffalo), tank (Target), maxi skirt (Target) and awesome Jesus sandals (thrifted).

another view of the runway...
we still have mucho mucho to do though. like a certain "shoe situation"...
oh boy.

"let's move our bodies!"
moving on. so friday afternoon we took Otto to Whole Foods to pick up some dinner (we'd rented Follow That Bird and were planning a fun picnic dinner on the living room floor while we watched our movie). can i get a "holla" for golden sesame tofu?!

we had the freezer aisle to ourselves when the Beegees "night fever night fevahh-ah!" comes pumping on the loudspeaker. we're all kind of grooving through the aisle, when Ot busts out with, "let's move our bodies!" and starts doing the most awesome sittin-in-the-cart-disco dance i've ever seen. kid has moves! he was laughing and smiling and seriously grooving. it was awesome. so you know the whole Muth family rocked the frozen foods aisle for 4 minutes of Night Fevah-ah. yay disco.
Musings of a Manic Mama
my friend Rebecca hosts "Little Chatterbox" every Friday on her blog Musings of a Manic Mama. this week i'm linking up because Ot said something funny, yay!

giveaway winners!
i am always tardy when it comes to choosing giveaway winners. it's part of why i stopped doing so many giveaways. something in my brain is always super excited to host a giveaway and do the post. but when it comes time to random.org the winners, etc. etc. i just procrastinate forever. ugh. sorry! anyways, without any further ado, here are the winners of either Martha Stewart Living or Parents magazine subscriptions!

congrats Heather, MrsDivineBodies, and kathy! i'll be in touch this week to get your deets & will order your subscriptions right away!

ok. so! who's ready for the week? ::looks around, doesn't raise hand:: yeah, me too. ugh!

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