this old house...

so i have some really really really really big big news (and that's why they call it jum-bone!). we have a home lined up in Eugene! with our own yard! a washer/dryer room! on a quiet little street! and we're moving in july! july --> eek! ok, that's maybe a little sooner than we are maybe ready for, but we're excited! here, a little sneak peak of Otto's soon-to-be room.
i can't wait to get it all set up like a "big boy room" and share pictures with you! in fact, i'm really excited to decorate this new place with a more consistent and charming style than we ever did our current home. i think i finally have a better feeling for what i like. i credit you guys (your blogs, your pinterest pins, your etsy recommendations) for helping open my eyes to how charming and unique a home can be. even in this day and age of ikea and target-trying-to-be-ikea. don't get me wrong. i LOVE ikea and target-trying-to-be-ikea. but i'm also feeling really empowered to find or create some more personal, unique touches in our new pad.

wildflower-lined steps down to our private entrance...
it's a little duplex. i'm so thrilled. i can't wait. i love it already!

this old house
so i'm obviously mildly excited about this move from tucson to oregon. but i also wanted to take a second to nod in the direction of this old house we're leaving behind. Melissa got me thinking today about the fact that this old house holds my dearest memories. it's the house we brought Otto home to. the house where he's grown from baby to toddler to toddler-squared. it's this house...
ps. i want that moment back...

at the same time, this house has been the home of some of my darkest moments. years of unending sadness and cold fear that changed who i was and who i will be, forever (would i ever get pregnant? could i?). those years tested my relationships with everyone i'd ever known. aged my soul. brought me to my knees many many times. and yet.

this is the house that brought me my greatest joy. my Otto. my heart. my love.

this house has been the stage of so many milestones. so much change. so much love. and it's going to be hard to leave it, and the people i've grown to know and hold dear while we've camped out in tucson for the past five years. but i am also soooo ready to move forward. moving forward has been the goal all along. Rob finishes his phd, Otto starts on his path towards the US presidency, and i maybe learn to relax a little bit more, enjoy the rain and trees and flowers and sky, and start making new memories with my beautiful little family in a new home (that has organic garden beds, did i mention? hells yes!).


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