♥ tomorrow is wednesday, and thursday comes afterwards ♥

today is tuesday! we so excited!
just a quick little drop-in to share a tuesday high-five with y'all. my favorite dayyyyy!

on the agenda today:
- Little Gym with the little dude
- smoothies? i think we'll definitely need smoothies
- drop off mega donations pile (feels so nice to clean house)
- Target for packing tape and other moving supplies (egad! we leave in less than 3 weeks!)
- muffin making
- naps all around

heck to the yeah :) i'm also going to try taking a few pictures with our oldish Kodak 6.1 mega pixels. crossing my fingers the pictures are great. otherwise i may be on here soon asking you guys recommendations on a great digital point-and-shoot in the $250 dollar range. but for now, crossing fingers this old cam does a good job!


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