a home of our own

hey guys, i hope everyone had seriously amazing weekends! we really did. spending as much time as we can up in phoenix with friends and family until the big move to oregon in... well... sometime soon. and that is the thing! we are moving to oregon in less than two months and we have no place to call "New Home" yet.

so tonight, instead of blogging about how amazing and hilarious and smart and cool Otto is and how bittersweet it is to see him basking in the presence of his nanas, papas, aunt, uncle, and cuz... how much he just loves them. and how it really breaks my heart that we're moving so far away...

instead of that bummer stuff, i'm going to be trolling craigslist and hotpads and hoping to find a few leads on a house for us to rent in eugene. i want a house, with a yard, hopefully a washer/dryer, and if i'm really wishing hard, something old and charming. but i'd be happy with just the yard part and am crossing my fingers really, really hard (ouch) that some kind soul will let us sign a lease long distance because ugggh, we really don't want to have to send a scout (aka me or Rob) out there ahead of time, moneywise i'm really hoping we don't have to.

here is why i know it will be worth it...
image source
otto running and playing here. getting to know forests. rivers. the ocean. camping. seasons. beauty.

well, that plus the whole rob-getting-his-phd thing. so wish me luck in this quest! please cross your fingers really, really hard that the stars align for us and this whole "a home of our own with a yard please" thing.


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