lowwww keyyyyy

there is a lot of chaos going on around these parts lately. my house is a Mess (with a capital M) of semi-packing. i am a MESS (all caps, yo, mama's going nucking futs) of trying to get our act together in the next two weeks. and Bonus! i also already need my bangs trimmed (yay!). and if someone could l'oreal mousse my roots while i sleep, that'd be awesome. my eyebrows probably need plucked too. and if you could just shave my legs, pack up my house, and bake me a quiche while you're at it. thanks.

but tonight? tonight the hubs is off playing poker and i am doing a little tea therapy...
i recently discovered Yogi Vanilla Hazelnut flavor and oh. mah. gah! i'm also about to curl up with this...
and before long, do this: zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

i wish equally low key evenings to y'all. unless you're out partying and having fun. then more power to you, you crazy young unfogeys who i don't relate to at all. this shaggy, two-tone haired fogey salutes you with a head nod and a yawn.

ps. i totally need to draw the winners to the "my shame is i do coke rewards, let me get you a magazine subscription" giveaway. i'll do that this weekend and announce!

ok, off to do all of the above. night guys ♥

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