Operation Muffin Top Destruct! You're Invited...

Alright bozos (just kidding, I was just trying to sound super "boot campy", did i?) anyways... Ten-hut bozos! Stand up straight; spit out that gum; summer is upon us. It's time to eat watermelon instead of oreos wrapped in brownies! It's time to drink light beer instead of whiskey spiked cocoa wrapped in brownies! What is WRONG with us? Why do we keep wrapping things in brownies?! Soldiers, it's time for...

won't you join me? we did this last summer and called it #mummytummy and i met so many of you that way. here's how it works...

- you, soldier! yeah, you! comment below with your twitter handle
- i'll tweet you, along with others who've joined, 3x per day with the hashtag #MuffinTopNo!
- every time you see that tweet it's your responsibility to do a set of 20 crunches (or whatever ab exercise you like) as soon as you can
- "reply all" every now and then to let me know you did, make friends, and/or curse the ground i walk on (or bless the ground i walk on, whatev)

i'll start scheduling the tweets for every day, starting this Friday, and let's see how it goes... maybe we can last through the end of summer and start saving money by doing our laundry on our washboard abs! economical and healthy, that's what i'm all about!

getting fit
i do hope you join in, for reals. we had so much fun doing this last year and i met a bunch of super cool tweeps who i'm still friends with today. i'm going to take a serious minute here so feel free to just skip down to the comment form & sign up if you want (please sign up, it's so fun i promise!)... ok, now for a little personal moment. it's been a pretty stressful year for us so far. and i haven't been taking very good care of my body. i admit it. especially starting in january of this year, we went through some hard family stuff and i felt sad, out of control, and just kind of lost. i absolutely turned to food to help me cope. i needed something i could bury myself in and i've always been a comfort eater. i'm at a point right now where my clothes don't fit right and i don't feel happy about my body. things are still stressful for us (trying to find a place in oregon, getting ready for a huge move) but i'm ready to kick my secretary's butt out of this slump and get back a little control over my own body. i know i have it in me!

my food plan: i've seen a lot of bloggers lately who've subscribed to some pretty serious diet plans. i'm so impressed and sometimes a little overwhelmed by what everyone's doing and i just wanted to share my own plan because it's pretty simple and i thought it might appeal to some of you. all i did was find a calorie calculator online, input my height, weight, age, sex, activity level, goal weight and goal date. it told me how many calories i need to be eating per day to hit that weight by my goal date. that's it. we eat super well-rounded around here, almost totally organic and lots of vegetables and lean proteins, so i'm just going to watch my calorie intake each day. ta-done!

my exercise plan: 90mins yoga, 60mins power yoga, or a 60mins boot camp video at least every other day. i'm just determined not to let more than one day go by at a time without doing one of these workouts. sometimes it's gonna suck, but at least for now i feel determined enough to stick to this plan. and on exercise days i'm upping my calories by whatever i burn so that i'm still getting enough calories to use my brain and focus and stuff during the day, but my net calories will be where they need to be for the weight loss goal.

twitter: Operation Muffin Top DESTRUCT! is just a casual, fun twitter club where i tweet you like a mean harpy to "do your situps" 3x a day and we all kind of laugh and groan about it, admit we're cheating some days, brag that we're ahead of the curve other days... and i really hope you'll join in! 

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