lunch plus gelato with my small (waffle) fry

tuesdays i get otto alllll day long! look at that munchkin face! he is fun to have all day long!

it is truly the day i most look forward to all week.

this tuesday we started the day mellow. Ot sat by his bookcase pulling an avalanche of books all around him and quietly "reading" to himself for about an hour while i put laundry away and cleaned. then we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and fun in their little kid zone and afterwards onto Allegro il Gelato Naturale for organic gelato! i repeat, organic gelato! ahem, organic gelatoooo!

i realize my posts have been light on the editing-down-of-pics lately. i take so many cute photos of Ot and i can't nix any of them. so i thought i'd do little mosaics of our lunchtime outings just to save space or mix it up or something.


my favorite moment at Chick-Fil-A was in the kids room and this little 4ish year old girl was playing with Ot and trying to get him to go down the slide. she got kind of bossy and bossed, "go down the slide!" and Otto replies, "no thanks, I'm too nervous." haha!

Onto Gelatooooo! Oh wait, Gel-Otto! hang on a second while i Bwahahaha! I just blew my own mind #entertainsself anyways...

did i mention the gelato was cream flavored? not vanilla. cream. and lordy magordy, magordy lordy lordy! it was goooood. i also tried a sample of saffron flavor that was yum! and i hear their salted caramel is so good your toes fall off. next time! ok, back to the pic --> pity the fool don't know how to eat ice cream cones :)  he just threw his head sideways and "chomp!" i love that Ot eats with such gusto. i could watch this kid eat for hours (and i do). ok, gelato mosaic time...

and he was even nice enough to share with mama! what a champ! 

and that, folks, was our tuesday. followed by a good ole nap and an afternoon in the kiddie pool in our backyard. what a day what a day what a day ♥


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