shaggy boombastic

we're growing Ot's hair out. i have this dream of having a blonde-haired blue-eyed little hippie urchin cutie pie running around Oregon with belled out corduroys and flowy tendrils peaking out from under a woolen cap. the thing is, bangs-and-mullet-wise, we've been going through somethin' of an awkward stage lately. like he's been looking shaggy and neglected (or so says Nana with her eyes, tsk tsk). so we trimmed it up yesterday, just removed some of the mangey mullet in back and shaped the rest a bit... and now?.. duh! he looks super cute. but if i'm being totally honest? i think he might also have Jennie Garth's haircut from the last season of the old 90210. whatever... the "Kelly" was a cute haircut.
this here pic is from Ot and mama's breakfast date Tuesday morning. i just love this pic, haha! because Ot looks like a 45 year old cheeto-eatin beer drinker who just saw his curling team win some curling something something on ESPN. right? oh boy. but we really did have a fun breakfast...
i let him drink straight applejuice. which is basically baby crack. then i let him try my pellegrino --> he loved it! he kept saying, "yucky ewwwww," then taking another sip and laughing like crazy. it was pretty much a magic pellegrino moment.
then he drove his tractor along the "roads" on the wall for a while and i snapped a shot of his soon-to-be-less-mangey locks. while chowing down on a sourdough egg&cheese sammy.

now just waiting for his stinkin bangs to grow out!

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