wednesday on tuesday. tuesday on wednesday.

this was slated to be my wordless post for tomorrow because today i really wanted to share my tuesday photos (like today's photos) with you guys. tuesday is my "Otto Day" each week and we've been having the best time kicking around town today. so i was going to put it all together during Ot's nap (happening as i click click click)... BUT! my phone aka camera isn't letting me upload those tuesday pics. womp womp wommmmmp. so without further ado - wordless wednesday! except i feel like jabbering so it's wordy wednesday instead... and on tuesday. whatever :0)

Bienvenido a Miami
i realized on the way to preschool the other day that i'd dressed Ottobot like a classic Florida tourist - only thing missing is the fannypack & zinc nose! world's cutest ragamuffin! so we did a little photoshoot by the neighbor's wall... cuz ya just gotta document days like this!
he seriously melts my heart and buckles my knees. makes me smile even when he's making me crazy sometimes. and brings me joy like i'd never known before he came into my life. every day is a blessing and i totally totally know it and appreciate it every day.
plus he is really cute and whipsmart and he smells good. my sunshine.
i loved these pictures so much i finally, after hating my blog button forevvvvver, redid it! if you are a fellow blogger who would be so kind, you can find the code in the right sidebar. but anyways, i wanted to show you so here it is! ::drumroll::
what do you think? before it was just black letters on a white background. meh. i really love this new one because duh i love otto and there he is in all his florida ragamuffin cuteness glory ♥ what do you think?

and hopefully my phone un-becomes a huge a**hole before tomorrow and i'll share our tuesday adventures with you on wednesday (i hope).

xo guys!

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