an "omg hahahaha!" blog moment, my joy, and a lil giveaway!

this post is SO going to be all-over-the-place but here goes...

omg hahahahaha!

me = mortified! so if you look closely at my huaraches <-- in that post, you might notice something that I totally didn't but that Overthinking Mama pointed out to me. they're 2 completely different shoes! not even the same brand! i've been wearing them every single day for 2 weeks! didn't notice a thing. because. i. am. a moron awesome.

omg hahahahaha!
oh, and i'm so going to keep wearing them. is that lame? honestly? should i stop? i should stop right?

my joy
this past weekend some of our oldest, dearest friends came to visit with their son. Otto and Leif are the best of buds! Leif totally looks out for Ot and shows him what's what. Otto sings impromptu versions of the ABCs to Leif, while accompanying himself on guitar, out of sheer excitement at having his "brotha" in the house. not only was it a joy to spend time with these rad people (i'm trying to convince them to move to oregon right behind us) but to watch these two kiddoodles goof around and delight in each other for 2 days just about blew my mind with happiness. here, the goof troop...

love these kids so much.

a lil giveaway

one of my secret shames is that i do Coke Rewards. rob drinks Coke Zero like it's going out of style and i'm officially addicted too. we go through a 12-pack every couple of days (egad!) and so, in honor of me accumulating like 5-bazillion coke rewards i am sharing the love. 3 winners will win a year subscription to Parents Magazine or Martha Stewart Living! unfortunately it's open to US-only (sorry my lovely canuck friends, blame the coca-cola company and its stupid rewards rules).

all you gotta do to enter the giveaway is comment below. anything at all! mock me for my huaraches, if you wanna (how rude of you) and make sure i can reach you if you win. giveaway will end this friday at midnight PT.

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annie said...

yo to the yo! you are the bomb! martha oh yeah!