two point five

Ot is just two days shy of 2 1/2 ♥ and everything about him that's always been there is suddenly magnified (humor, tenacity, sweetness, sourness, daring, just all of it). he's coming into his own so much, growing confident in his body and words. using words like "maybe" and "sometime" and "probably" in the right context and accusing us, "you're teasing me!" when we joke or say something that doesn't make sense to him.
"leave the door open just a little bit, mom"

for someone who changes his mind every three seconds he's also insanely demanding about what he wants. he loves his routines and i feel cruddy about how this move is already uprooting some of that. the boxes that are accumulating in the living room...and the general dissarray... he has Oregon on his mind constantly. and he's excited, like really excited, and wants to talk about the rain, grass, our new garden, the mountains, the beach, the university football team, and his big boy room.

Me: It NEVER rains in Oregon
Otto: You're teasing me. It rains a LOT!

but he's obviously also concerned. at bedtime now (a seventy-five step process these days) he's now added "let's talk about Oregon" to his delay tactics. and every night we talk for ten minutes or so about our new home and how while mommy and daddy drive our things up to Oregon,Otto will get to stay with his Nanas and Papas and then fly in an airplane to Oregon just a few days later.

in all the hub-bub of the move, i'm trying not to miss all the leaps and bounds of advances Otto is making as he continues on his journey through toddlerhood. a few things he's up to...

- on Monday he had a whole day at preschool in underpants with no accidents!
- he knows his ABCs (he loves the India Arie version so sings em kinda groovy) and can count to twenty
- he loves to do "pushups" and (to my horror) jumping off of pretty much everything
- he's memorized several of his favorite books and reads along with me
- he plays independently with his toys for long periods, playing store and circus and having the characters interact and talk
- he has a girlfriend at school who he "hugs her back" and he thinks she looks like a cowgirl (really? it starts this early?)
- and since he's two he's also a little batshit crazy most days, at least at some point.

rob and i try to lead by example and be strong, fun, sympathetic parents. sometimes though, we just have to run from the room so we can bust out laughing without Otto seeing. he's a trip. each and every day a trip. and honestly, just the most amazing, happy, wonderful little trip i could ever imagine.

ps. i've really had it with my phone camera. i'm definitely getting a little point-and-click in the $200 range. a few of you suggested the Canon Powershot. anyone else out there have a suggestion? i'm going to start comparing what's out there later this week because i've had it with sub-par pictures! boo!

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