huaraches! godzundheit.

i'm kinda guessing no one cares about the fashion obsessions of a lady who's currently holding her highwater cords up with a hairband... and yet? i have to share. on memorial day i found these, brand new at the thrift store, for $2. Two dollars!

ladies and gentlemen (what? i know at least one neurologist gentleman who trolls this blog) i'm bringing huaraches back. them otha suckas dunno how ta.. somethin. whatever. look!

hip hop huaraches, yo! love them. i've been wearing them with high-rise cords, skirts, sun dresses, and skinny jeans. they are so bright and summery and remind me of being in 5th grade! that's the last time i owned some.

it's the weekend!
weekends are so much better than weekdays. hope everyone's having an awesome weekend so far. our friends get into town in about an hour so we're planning some drop-to-your-knees-good vegetarian chinese food from Guilin for dinner. our friends are the coolest couple, rob's best childhoodl friend and his wife, and Otto idolizes their son (who is six, totally a "big boy whoa") and i predict lots of giggles and running around will be found at our house tonight!

oh, ps guys, Top Baby Blogs reset. i feel cheesy asking but if you don't mind could you click here and then on the owl on the left to help me get my spot back? thank you!

also, i need help! rob's vegetarian and we're trying to eat low-cal & healthy this summer. so if you have any recipe suggestions or links to recipes you've done that fit the bill, please let me know. i'm trying to plan some meals that aren't salad. thanks!



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